Thanksgiving Day Dressing

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This week, many of you are headed to your Mother-in-law’s house for six courses of carbs-with-gravy, followed by several more hours of couch potato-ing. Are we gluttons for punishment? (or just gluttons?)
Nah. Thanksgiving is a holiday created specifically for eating, so it would be un-American not to stuff ourselves!
And while it’s tempting to don your Lululemons for the occasion, please don’t. Just because you ARE a sloth today, doesn’t mean you have to look it. Hide Your Lazy!
It’s as easy as pie to look polished and put together while still being super comfortable and ready for seconds. So leave your spanx at home, and fill up on some of my Turkey Day Dressing:

  1. Camouflage that gut with a wrap waist.  Waist not, Want not.
  2. Give up altogether and wear a tent dress.  A PAPER London tent dress, but nonetheless, a tent dress.
  3. An elastic allows for over consumption, Fringe conceals the goodies you steal.


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 1.03.59 AM

tourdecoutureThanksgiving Day Dressing
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Wedding Dress Cold Feet

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You all know the saying “Physician, Heal Thyself.” In my case it’s “Stylist, Style Yourself.” Because when it comes to picking my wedding dress, I just can’t get, well, engaged. And the wedding is four months away.

When I style my bridal clients, they’ll chose THE dress after trying on as few as 2 or 3 dresses. But me? After 11 stores and countless hours online, I have yet to say “yes”—or even “eh, maybe”—to a dress.

Diagnosis? I have wedding-dress-cold-feet. These are my symptoms:

Sticker Shock
I’m too practical for this! I could get a new bathroom for the price of these gowns!
(Insert image of ridic exprensive dress)


Pressure In My Head
Admittedly, I do have access to off-the-runway looks from top designers. . . but those are for my clients. Those of us who aren’t screen goddesses have to chose our clothes from a more mortal realm.
(Insert image of dream dress)


Beads. . of Sweat
Pearls everywhere. So many silver sequins. Mountains and mountains of tulle. It’s exhausting, and honestly, not really my style.
(Insert image of cat toy dress)


But before I check myself into a clinic, I’m asking you, my dear readers, to send me your cures. What would you do if you were MY stylist?

tourdecoutureWedding Dress Cold Feet
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