Alison M. Kahn | Fearless Fashion Leader and Owner

For 14 years, Ali has polished and perfected her talents as a professional celebrity wardrobe stylist in both her home city of Houston and her adopted city of LA.  Hot on the heels of styling celebrities on the Red Carpet, helming fashion shows and presentatios for Vogue, GQ and Glamour, comes Ali’s latest venture:  Creator and Executive Stylist of Tour de Couture, a high-end shopping tour of LA and Orange County.

Although Ali’s experience spans from commercial to editorial to runway, she is an expert in styling the real woman, and gets her biggest thrill from helping the fashion-challenged discover their own personal style.

She has personal relationships with designers and store owners all over LA, and will bring that exclusivity to your tour. 
Her personal style is eclectic, risk-taking, high/low, rock and roll princess.

Behind the Curtain

Sarah Hamilton | Principal and Creative Director

Sarah’s had a 20-year career as a Creative Director, Writer and Director in Advertising. She’s written and directed hundreds of campaigns in all genres, but always gravitates towards fashion and beauty. She conceived and creative directed the E! Network brand and gave it its trademark black/white high fashion look. She acts like Don Draper, but looks like Betty Draper.

Hilary Glaholt | Producer

Hilary’s 20-year career as a commercial producer makes her the perfect go-to for all our custom tours. Hilary says “Copy That” to any request, and will find a way to make it happen.

She’s a tiny blonde rocker in a size 5 shoe.

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